Grow Mobile is an automated system of food production and distribution offering consumers the freshest food year round . Grow Mobile is a distributed system for growing food where it is needed instead of the current system of transporting food to where it is needed.

Locally Grown
Beyond Organic

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“Local Food” Is Better

“Local Foods” is the fast growing category in the produce industry. There is a largely unmet need for locally grown produce, especially in the winter. A stagger 39 states eat more fruits and vegetables than they produce. Minnesota is one of these states. The desire to “Eat Local” is real and not driven by marketing or ad executives.

According to a 2014 study conducted by the Hartman Group, “Local” is emerging as a category poised to surpass both organic and natural as a symbol of transparency and trust. With it’s connotations of community, economy and environmental stewardship, “local” offers compelling narratives for small-scale production and a more intimate relationship with food producers.

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